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Fused Glass Tiles

These fused glass tiles can be used in architectural applications such as back splashes or showers, hung on a wall, displayed in a stand or made to hang in a window.

Each one is fired in the kiln to 1450 degrees, sometimes multiple times. Glass “frit”, compatible glass that has been ground up to different sizes is incorporated into the panel as well as hand pulled stringers and occasionally some painting that has been fired in, and sandblasting.

What will you do with your tile?

Best of the Rogue Valley "Best of the Rogue Valley"

19” x 12” Fused glass with glass enamels

"Barrel of Fun"

8 ½” x 16” fused glass with glass enamels

Barrel of Fun
Where Sunflowers Grow "Where Sunflowers Grow"

19 ½” x 12” Fused glass
and glass enamels.

"Along the Stream"

9” x 19” fused glass with glass enamels

Along the Stream
In The Woods "In The Woods"

8" x 14" fused glass with glass enamels

"Music Speaks"

18" round fused tile

Commission for a husband that plays guitar
and loves the ocean.

Music Speaks
Autumn Road "No Strings Attached"

8" x 18" fused dichroic and System 96 glass tile

"Fall Waterfall"

6" x 12" fused tile

Fall Waterfall
Autumn Road "Autumn Road"

10" x 15" fused tile

"Spring Falls"

8" x 16" fused tile

Fall Waterfall
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